Past Shows

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Color Inside the Lines

A palm-reading drag queen tells Jenny she’ll never find love, sending her mind reeling back to high school and a match making scheme that went horribly wrong.  

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Bag --

Refusing to join the “Old-White-Guys-Club” of exclusion and marginalization, master storyteller Dennis Elkins travels through India with a backpack of guilt, searching for a divine life-affirming epiphany.

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The Road Ahead

Dwelling within the songs of Glorieta Pines are the rich history and mysticism of the American Southwest juxtaposed with the current state of the world. A journey through the old and new via traditional and original folk songs, their performance features tales of grit and messages of hope on The Road Ahead.



Jacob can’t resist a good antique store--but when he arrives home with his latest treasure, wife Ashley is horrified.  The pretty--but definitely used--urn opens a hilarious and heartbreaking Pandora’s box about their relationship, their dreams and what makes us truly alive.

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Best Laid Plans

A concert of original songs that tell stories of life and and family…loss and redemption, sweetened by a bit of humor.  Rock Salt and Nails’ music features solid harmonies, a sound built for toe tapping, and “exemplifies what Americana/Folk music should be.

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anything to declare, mr. dennis?

Refusing to join the “Old-White-Guys-Club” of exclusion and marginalization and with his 60th birthday approaching, master storyteller Dennis Elkins travels through India with a backpack of guilt, searching for an epiphany in this poignant comedy of journeys and identity.

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Some Kind of Weasel

An invitation to a suburban bachelorette party arrives with instructions to “bring a pair of panties that represents your relationship with the bride,” sending storyteller Jenny Stafford spinning into a hilarious and thought-provoking existential crisis.


Wake and Sing

Wake and Sing details the strange phenomenon of socially distant grieving amidst a global pandemic. An out of work comedian is offered a position hosting Zoom wakes for grieving families and must decide if the emotional impact is worth it.

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Now Maybe Sunbeam

H.R. is calling. The cats are napping. Their “strange smelling housemate” is stressing. Big time. Preparing for a mysterious meeting with Human Resources our quarantined cat guardian takes stock of his life in isolation with the help of his cats.

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Play in Your Bathtub

by This Is Not A Theatre Company

This Immersive Audio Spa for Physical Distancing is a site-specific immersive experience taking place in your own bathtub (or a foot bath or bucket of water). Join us for poetry, singing, and Dances for Small Appendages.

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Guru of Touch: A Zoom Play

by This Is Not A Theatre Company

When the pandemic strikes, a healer noted for his ability to cure people by “laying on of hands” moves an event to Zoom to see if distance healing might work. A world premiere, site-specific, Zoom play.