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Now Maybe Sunbeam

Written by Justin Maxwell

Directed by Season Ellison

Performed by Ron Zank

"funny if disturbing"  "tremendous performance from Ron Zank"

David Cunningham British Theatre Guide

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NowMaybeSunbeam - final.jpg

H.R. is calling. The cats are napping. Their “strange smelling housemate” is stressing. Big time. Preparing for a mysterious meeting with Human Resources our quarantined cat guardian attempts to list what has and what has not changed while in isolation.  His cats, Big Guy and Little Guy, add their own perspectives in typical cat fashion: a bit snarky, self-absorbed, and uncomplicated.

What can he learn from the cats as he negotiates a life and a world in chaos? And what does a rock have to do with anything?

Developed by playwright Justin Maxwell while in quarantine in New Orleans, Now Maybe Sunbeam embraces the ups and downs of physical distancing and working from home with humor and poignancy. The constant Zoom meetings, the devolution of business attire, the utter sameness of the days, and the sights of co-workers you just cannot get out of your mind are the familiar threads of the tapestry of our “new normal”. Through it all the cats, stalk, pounce, groom, and nap. Have the cats solved life in lockdown?


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