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Elizabeth I: 

In Her Own Words

Intrigue.   Betrayal.   Danger.  Step into the turbulent world of Elizabeth I. A canny ruler, the personal letters of the Virgin Queen, intertwined with Shakespeare’s words provide a captivating peek into her innermost thoughts, desires, and heartaches.

Performed by Tammy Meneghini

Written by Carole Levin

Directed by Lynn Nichols

at the RedLine Contemporary Art Center 

2350 Arapahoe Street
Denver, Colorado 80205-2613

June 7  7:00 pm

June 8  5:30 pm

June 9  5:00 pm

east2edinburgh 2024.jpg

59 East 59th Street New York, NY 10022

July 27  6:30 pm

July 28  7:30 pm

Venue 53 theSpace @ Surgeons Hall - Haldane Theatre

All shows at 1:55 pm

August 2 and 3 previews

August 5 - 17 (not 11)

Elizabeth Fringe Catalog (343 x 343 px)pdf2.jpg

Intrigue. Betrayal. Unconsummated love. Danger.  Step into the world of Elizabeth I as she navigates the stormy waters of late 16th century England. Ascending the English throne in a vibrant but turbulent time she was a brilliant and canny stateswoman, politician, and ruler whose own letters provide a captivating peek into her inner thoughts, desires, heartaches, fears, doubts, and joys.  Intertwined with speeches from the plays of Shakespeare, the letters of the Virgin Queen paint a unique portrait of this remarkable and complex woman.

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