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Agave vs The Lion

Bombarded with news during the Shutdown, it’s all background noise to Agave, until a zealous male voice speaks directly to her through her laptop. How far will she go to combat this threat?

Written and Directed by Sarah Crockarell

Featuring Ali Janes and Jay Minton

A "challenging"  "disturbing" "variation on  verbatim theatre"

David Cunningham British Theatre Guide

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"Potent"  "Disturbing" 

Louise Penn Lou Reviews

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Agave Prototype 3 800.png

Agave is under siege.  A violent, zealous, hateful male voice is speaking directly to her via her laptop seeking to scare her, enticing her to embrace his fanaticism. Will he succeed?  Inspired by The Bakkhai, Euripides’ 405 bce play tackling religious ecstasy and violence, Agave vs. The Lion asks, what if Agave was a modern-day woman grappling with the modern-day “lion” of Christian Nationalism? 

Confronting what we become when our fear of the Other turns to rage, Agave struggles to protect her world from hatred and bigotry without losing herself.



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