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Jay Minton

Jay Minton headshot.jpg

Jay is honored to be invited to make a contribution on a piece of work like this, at a time like now, executed through this medium.  He pinches himself regularly when he thinks about the opportunities he's been given to work with the amazing creators writing, acting and producing this work.  Doctors have asked him to stop but have offered no alternative dream vs. reality check and so the pinching continues.

Jay received his education in the mystical theatric arts from the University of Idaho. Go Vandals!


Previous works include Hamlet for Animal Fire Theatre in Olympia Washington, Doctor Faustus for Obscene/Courageous Theatre in Boulder Colorado, and Dr. Disco in the Last Dance of Dr. Disco. Later this year you can catch him performing from his bedroom in an as yet unnamed web series about a sassy robot.


Currently he resides in Portland, OR alongside his 4 roommates and his ever looming debts.

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