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Color Inside the Lines

A solo musical about life, love, and loss.

Best Solo Performance - Denver Fringe Festival 2021

Written, composed, and performed by Jenny Stafford

Directed and Produced by Penny Cole

Music Director Mark Castellano

Dramaturg Sarah Johnson

"It ticks the boxes if you like a bittersweet,
but ultimately uplifting rom-com"

 Kenneth Scott

Listen to Mike and Thos talk about the show
on Musical Talk


Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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A palm-reading drag queen tells Jenny she’ll never find love, sending her mind reeling back to high school and a match making scheme that went horribly wrong.  Young Jenny hopefully filled the bubbles of a scantron envisioning her perfect match.  Horrifyingly her perfect match turned out to be the biggest loser in the school.  Was this whole “matching system” just a cruel hoax by the popular kids, sitting around in someone’s dad’s hot tub, laughing at the losers as they paired them up?  Maybe, but years later she wonders…what if he was her perfect match?

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Questions about love, destiny, erasure, and memories collide in this comical and surprisingly touching story of growth, acceptance, and the expansiveness of love. 

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"a poignant play, full of recognisable situations and with plenty of dry humour"

David Cunningham British Theatre Guide

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"An emotional, compelling and comic piece, not to be missed."

Rachel Louise Martin  West End Best Friend

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"a wry and warm musical memoir"

Louise Penn LouReviews

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