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Some Kind of Weasel

Written and performed by Jenny Stafford

Directed by Penny Cole

Dramaturg Sarah Johnson

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"... humor ripples throughout the production..."

Dominic Corr the wee Review

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"an eccentric...[and] very funny monologue"

David Cunningham British Theatre Guide

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An invitation to a suburban bachelorette party arrives with instructions to “bring a pair of panties that represents your relationship with the bride,” sending storyteller Jenny Stafford spinning into a hilarious and thought-provoking existential crisis.

This bizarre request incites her to examine her life and the moments—intentional and not—that have led her to standing in Target with fistfuls of panties just as her male work colleague walks by.  


Framed by hilarious stories detailing the excruciating pitfalls of dating and her search for that perfect Hallmark greeting card that says exactly what she means (“Congratulations on your engagement! If you decide to go through with it. I mean, there’s still plenty of time to back out, so like…are you sure?  CONGRATS!”), Stafford’s comical quest is combined with soul-baring stories of pinning her destiny on a red balloon and discovering she shares her name with a Dominknitrix. In this surprising and poignant dive into womanhood and the markers of female success, it is Stafford’s ability to balance her unique brand of dry humor with her capacity to examine the deeper, difficult expectations of womanhood that makes Some Kind of Weasel a unique gem of a show. 


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