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A Showcase of Bits and Bobs

Produced by Penny Cole


Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Comedy! Music! Fractured classics! Drama! And more! Do you like to be surprised? Is variety what you crave? We have just the ticket for you. Follies by Flying Solo! features short monologues, songs and vignettes performed by Fringe artists and companies from across the States showcasing new work, current Fringe shows or maybe even gems from their repertoire. Be adventurous and join us for 60 minutes of fun, laughter, tears and amazement. Two performances only: completely different line-up of performers each show. 

Performer Information

Featured Performers:

August 10th

-Trudy Carmichael Presents: The Improvised One Woman Show!

-Denver School of the Arts (reACTION)*

-Lori Hamilton (North Star)

-Wallace Norman (Brother's Keeper)

-Jenny Stafford (Color Inside the Lines)

August 17th

-Trudy Carmichael Presents: The Improvised One Woman Show!

-Ric Siler (Like a Sack of Potatoes)

-Mark Castellano (Color Inside the Lines)

-Bette Siler (Doris Does the Edinboiger Fringe)

-Priyanka Shetty (The Elephant in the Room)

-And Toto Too Theatre Company (Gertrude and Ophelia in Hell)

*DSA Performers

-Nicole Seigler

-Sam Charney

-Hudson Halverstadt

-Kayla McPherson

-Director - Shawn Hann

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