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'til Death Do Us Part

A Duet of Plays

A duet about love, life, relationships, expectations, dreams, and what makes us truly alive. 

Directed by Penny Cole

Music Director Margo Hanschke

Jacob and Ashley have issues.  He can’t resist a good antique store; she hates their life away from her career. He only eats vanilla yogurt; she longs for an escape. When Jacob proudly displays his latest antique store treasure, Ashley is horrified.  The pretty--but definitely used--urn opens a hilarious and heartbreaking Pandora’s box about their relationship. Bored out her mind and frustrated Ashley finds affordable marriage counselors online and hires them. With things falling apart what choice does she have?


Jenny Stafford’s distinctive humor is in full display in these two funny and surprisingly tender pieces about relationships, careers, life choices, dreams, disappointments, and what makes us truly alive.

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