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Up On the Blocks

Dreams  Challenges  Redemption

Written and performed by Rock Salt and Nails


Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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Featuring original songs inspired by folk, blues, and traditional country, Rock Salt and Nails’ new concert, Up On the Blocks, tells stories of aspiration, challenge, and redemption, sharing musical moments that define who we are.

Take a journey of the heart with the band, Rock Salt and Nails, as we share the stories that forged who we are and who we wished to be.  Collectively, we’ve lived a few years, we’ve loved and lost, tried and failed, faced doubt and ultimately, mostly, we’ve found our redemption.  With solid vocals and harmonies, guitar licks and sliding dobro, peppered with mandolin phrases and a thumping bass line, the band will take you to places of both sorrow and sweetness.  Living is learning to go beyond being Up On the Blocks another day.


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