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A Trilogy:

Three solo shows about one man's journey through life and the things, ideas, and people who shaped him

Written and performed by Dennis Elkins


A Trilogy:

Writer/performer Dennis Elkins weaves the story of his hum-drum existence through escapades of hilarity and heartache in three one-man shows: box. (box-period), bag— (bag-dash) and blood (blood-line). In each show, Mr. Dennis plays out a different aspect of life’s adventures. box. questions all the things we keep stored away in boxes and can’t throw away while bag— focuses on the many places we’ll go to find the answers to pressing questions like “What am I supposed to be when I grow up (at 50)?” The third installment, blood looks to all the individuals who’ve had an impact on our lives—friend or foe—and how you’re defined by those people.

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mr. dennis wants to know! Why is our identity bound up in things? Are we throwing away our loved ones with their possessions? You’ll be captivated by tales of drowning in cardboard, knickknacks and martini glasses.

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mr. dennis seeks the mysteries of life in a madcap romp through India with a to-do list and a backpack full of guilt as he juggles ashes, epiphanies and the Taj Mahal.

Hard Work and God Fearing Obedience equals a happy home, good job, white picket fence, and 2.3 children.  Doesn’t it? blood is a musical treasure hunt intent on uprooting the culprit responsible for this fable.

Directed by Karla Knudsen

Sound design and original music by Robert Hornbostel

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